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Welcome to the Tasmanian Clay Target Association's Homepage

The Tasmanian Clay Target Association Inc. (TCTA) was incorporated in 1981, it is the successor to the Tasmanian Amateur Shotgun Association (TASA) which was disbanded on the incorporation of the TCTA.

Tasmania Gun Club

The aims and purpose of the TCTA are to promote and supervise the sport of clay target shooting in Tasmania under the banner of the Australian Clay Target Association Inc. (www.claytarget.com.au).

The association is administered by a committee consisting of two delegates from each of the member clubs in Tasmania. The delegates meet quarterly to handle the general business of the association. A management committee consisting of the President, two Vice Presidents, a Secretary and Treasurer administer the more short term aspects of the association's activities.

Mersey Clay target range

The affiliated clubs in Tasmania consist of Bothwell Gun Club, Burnie Clay Target Club, Cressy Gun Club, Hobart Clay Target Club, King Island Gun Club, Mersey Clay Target Club, Rosebery Gun Club, Spring Bay Clay Target Club, St Helens Gun Club and Tasmanian Gun Club.

The TCTA runs annual carnivals each year covering each of the disciplines, Olympic Trap (ISSF Trap), Olympic Skeet (ISSF Skeet), Trap and Skeet, the member clubs run the remaining annual state championship events which cover all those events not included in the carnival competitions. A full range of shooting covering each of the above disciplines, plus ball trap, are available within the state. However, not all clubs have every facility, for a more definitive list of facilities at each club it is suggested that visitors check each individual club's entry on this web site.

Burnie clay target range

The TCTA has hosted several successful national competitions in the past, (1975, 1990, 1996) including the Commonwealth Championships in October of 2007 and May of 2018.

The TCTA has a strong affiliation with the Tasmanian Gun Club which hosts the annual trap carnival, the Tasmanian Gun Club has hosted those national events previously held here including the Commonwealth Championships conducted in 2007 and 2018. The Tasmanian Gun Club Inc. is now officially known as the "State Shooting Ground"

Clay target shooting has experienced an increase in membership over the past several years, with many shooters now preferring to shoot targets rather than live game. The membership of the affiliated clubs is around 400 currently registered members, which is in line with the membership of clubs on the mainland where there are an average of about 40 shooters per club.

Mersey Clay target range

Each member club invites application for membership from members of the public. It is necessary to hold the appropriate firearms licence before membership will be considered. Coaching is available at all member clubs.