How to Join

Walk into a club (no firearms licence)

Where a person attends a TCTA Club (and usually with another Australian Clay Target Association (ACTA) member) and who does not hold a firearms licence nor has been otherwise disqualified or suspended from holding a firearms licence and wants to have a try at clay target shooting on the day, the person complete the Application for Exemption on the day and prior to shooting.  

It is advisable that Clubs have supplies of this form available at club venues (downloaded from Tasmania Police Firearms Services website – see link below)   and that prospective new members are advised beforehand to bring with them, a photocopy and original identification (both sides of a drivers licence depicting a photo and address is best). Once this form is completed, relevant identification is sighted and the document is signed by a senior club official on the shoot day (such as the President, Secretary, Treasurer or Shoot Marshall, that person is able to shoot on that day only.  At the end of the shooting day or shortly thereafter, all paperwork (including the Application for Exemption form and evidence of identity as disclosed on the form) must be forwarded to Tasmania Police Firearms Services by the Club (preferably Club Secretary or other nominated club official) where it will be processed.  Processing can take up to 2 weeks in order to complete all the required background checks. 

Once the processing is complete an Exemption (in this case referred to as a Club Exemption) will be issued by Firearms Services and will be forwarded to the applicant.  Once the Club Exemption is received, the applicant can continue to shoot at that club only and for the duration stipulated on the Club Exemption. A Club Exemption can last up to 6 months, or on either a firearms licence being approved or denied. 

Persons who attend as a ‘walk-in’ on the first occasion will not be able to shoot again until they have the Club Exemption issued by Firearms Services, nor can they go to another club and shoot, and use this same process as if they were a new shooter.  

If a person attends a club on more than one occasion and shoots as a new or prospective shooter and without being issued a Club Exemption by Firearms Services aforementioned, they can be charged with firearms offences.  The number and types of charges will depend on how many breaches of the Firearms Act occur, and this could conceivably be quite a few! If a person does not want to continue shooting after their first ‘walk-in’ day, then the original Application for Exemption form must still filled out at the respective Club on the first day the person shoots, and must be forwarded to Firearms Services and marked accordingly. This is to ensure Firearm Services have full and complete records so as to prevent and detect law breaches by new and prospective shooters who may try to shoot on second and subsequent occasions at other venues and without a proper Club Exemption issued by Firearms Services. 

Walk into a Club (with a current firearms licence)

If you hold a current firearms licence you are one step closer to joining!  Your last step is to join the Australian Clay Target Association and also an affiliate Tasmanian Club (to find a club close to you please see 'clubs').  

Once you have found a club in your area, you are able to approach them at a practice day (if applicable) and/or at a competition day to fill in the appropriate forms including the form below.  If you are unable to do either please get in contact with us via 'Contact Us' and we will endeavour put you in contact with the club representatives.  

 2023 ACTA Membership Form 

Come and Try days (or similar events)

These are usually advertised and posted by respective clubs; largely as a mechanism to attract new membership and grow our sport. Importantly, these are situations where it is not known who may be attending as is the case with the ‘walk-ins’.  Consequently, the process for ‘walk-ins’ above applies to ‘Come and Try’ days or similar, in its entirety. 

Corporate Days (or similarly organised events)

From time to time, TCTA clubs, businesses and/or organisation may want to host a shooting event at a TCTA club, for a variety of reasons and purposes including promoting new membership, providing staff rewards for businesses, community relations activities and so on.  Participants are usually non-firearms licence holders (they may have a firearms licence but do not carry the requisite sport/club endorsement).  Importantly, participants’ identity is known well before the event is conducted, which makes this type of situation different from the first two above.   In the first instance, event organisers (whether the respective TCTA club or external organiser) need to seek an Exemption from Firearms Services for the event and must supply a detailed list of attendees no later than 2 weeks prior to the event occurring.  The details required are the same as required on the Application for Club Exemption form (see walk-ins) and should be no less than a photocopy of a both sides of drivers’ licence depicting the full name, address and photo of anticipated attendees. These attendees are vetted and an appropriate Exemption is given for those participating. The Exemption will have a number of conditions attached to it. Importantly, no other unlicensed person(s) are permitted to shoot under an Exemption issued for these types of events, except those who are listed on the Exemption. 

Legislative Requirements

The following identifies a number of legislative requirements and conditions applicable to all three types of situations above:

-        Persons operating under any Club Exemption must be accompanied and instructed by a fully licenced ACTA shooter at all times. In effect, this means ensuring that effective control is exercised over the unlicensed shooter to ensure range safety standards applicable to the ACTA rules are capable of being applied.  Shoot Marshals must be advised of the presence of an unlicensed shooter shooting under any Exemption;

-        Under no circumstances are minors permitted to shoot under a Club Exemption. It is Tasmania Police Firearms Services policy that Club Exemptions to shoot firearms will not be given to minors (so they are unable to complete any Club Exemption either as a ‘walk –in’ or on a ‘come and try day’ or similar). Only Minors who have been issued with a Minors Permit by Firearms Services are allowed to use a firearm on a range or otherwise and in accordance with the permit conditions.

-        Ammunition can only be sold by a licensed firearms dealer and purchased by a licensed firearms holder.   A licensed firearms holder can purchase ammunition to be used by new shooters in any of the scenarios above on behalf of the club, with the new shooter paying the club to use its facilities, inclusive of ammunition costs.  Ammunition can only be supplied to the new shooter who is shooting under one of the three scenarios above by a licensed ACTA member supervising the new shooter. In this sense, ‘supply’ means handing ammunition to the new shooter so he/she can load the firearm to shoot on the range only.  Any other possession of ammunition or a firearm by an unlicensed person at shooting ranges or facilities, irrespective of any Exemption held or issued by Firearms Services is unlawful. In a practical sense, provided new and prospective shooters are properly instructed and all requisite safety instructions are complied with under the ACTA rules, new and prospective shooters can possess a firearm and ammunition for the purposes of loading the firearm and using it, provided they are under supervision of a licensed club member on the range.

Contact Clubs

See 'Contact us'


1.      Do I need a current firearms licence? 

         No, but you will need to bring a photocopy of your driver’s licence or other identification containing a photo of you (such as a passport).  But, you must bring a copy with you.  You will also need to fill out the attached ‘Application for Club Exemption’ which will be available at the club on the day. You MUST answer truthfully and answer NO to all questions in order to shoot.

2.      How old do I need to be?

       ‘Come and try’ days are only open to people 18 years and older.

3.      What do I need to bring? 

        You must have hard soled footwear (no thongs).  Conformable casual clothing suitable for forecasted weather is strongly advised. 
Firearms and ammunition will be provided on the day.

4.      How much will it cost? 

        That is up to you!  We charge $1.00 per target you shoot and inclusive of firearms usage and ammunition costs.  Food and snacks will be available on the day at an additional cost.  Participants usually shoot somewhere between 30–50 targets each.

5.      Do I just turn up or should I let some know I’m coming? 

       Preferably let someone know, see 'contact us' for more information.