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2024 Tasmanian State Shoot Book

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Tasmanian Clay Target Association
Event Conditions of Entry

Tasmanian Clay Target Association Event Conditions of Entry


1.      I am in possession of a current firearms licence

2.      I am a financial member of the ACTA

3.      I have read and agree to comply with the ACTA Rule book

4.      I am familiar and will comply with the safety requirements of handling and storage of firearms and/or ammunition

5.      Handicap/Grading

o   Nominations will be accepted at the grade you specify at time of nomination, but all grades will be checked and verified with MCMS prior to the commencement of shooting and any prize allocation.

6.      Squads

o   Squads will shoot 50 targets in brackets of 25 on the assigned layout. Each shooter will take enough cartridges to shoot 50 targets at their assigned layout. A time limit of two (2) minutes will be imposed for the changeover of each 25 targets. Should the two-minute limit be exceeded a penalty of the loss of one (1) target may be imposed on the shooter(s) causing the delay.

o   No shooter will interfere with or alter the squad sheet without the direction of the shoot marshal. Interference with the squad sheet may result in the penalty of the loss of one (1) target. Referees will be instructed to adhere to these conditions.

o   Late for your squad - Shooters who fail to appear in time for their squad may, at the committee’s discretion, be re-squadded to the end of the event. Should a shooter be late for his squad then elect to withdraw, or withdraw from competition before the event is completed, he/she will not be eligible for any refund of nomination paid. A fee of $10 will be charged if a shooter is to be re-squadded for this reason, unless a reasonable explanation is given.

7.      Score Sheets - All shooters must sign and check their score sheet before leaving the tracks at the conclusion of an event. Score sheets will be checked by the office staff and may be corrected to reflect broken targets or points scored if a visible error is made on the sheet, it is your responsibility to see that sheets correctly record broken targets or points scored. No adjustment to the score sheet can or will be made once the sheet leaves the tracks unless by direction of a properly appointed jury.

8.      Referee and Scorers - Competitors will be called upon to referee and/or score throughout the period of competition. The person designated to referee and/or score must fill their obligation to do so. Failure to either referee and/or score may incur a penalty of the loss of one (1) target in the next event. Should a following event not be programmed then the penalty of the loss of one (1) target may be incurred in the event concerned. Referees and scorers will be drawn from the last round of squads from the previous day to referee and score in the first round the following day, being ready to officiate at the advertised starting time. Shooters who fail to fulfil their responsibilities shall be penalized one (1) target. While replacement referees and scorers are permissible, the penalty of the loss of one (1) target for failing to officiate may be made against the officially designated person.

9.      Disputes or Protests - must be submitted in writing to the secretary together with a deposit of $20, which is refundable subject to the appeal being upheld. The secretary will arrange a hearing for the dispute with the appointed jury. Protest forms are available at the office. A jury as per ACTA rules will be appointed each day.

10.   Section Qualifications - To qualify for section prizes veterans must be 65 years of age or over, juniors must be under 18 and over 12 years of age at the date of competition. Shooters who are eligible for ladies, juniors or veterans are eligible for overall or grade as well as section win.

11.   Baulks - Trains, planes and vehicular traffic do not constitute a baulk. A competitor may choose not to call for a target whilst any of those objects are visible to the front of the respective layouts, however a call for a target and subsequent firing at the target constitute acceptance of the target.

12.   Event Grading - All championship events are graded Overall, AA, A, B, C, plus Ladies, Juniors and Veterans. Overall, will receive a sash and cash prize, grade winners will receive a medallion, plus cash prizes to 1st place only in each grade, Ladies, Juniors and Veterans Winners will receive a medallion only.  State Handicap –Overall will receive a sash and Cash Prizes 1st to 5th Places. Overall high gun will receive a sash and graded high guns/ladies, juniors, veterans will each receive a medallion.

13.   Shoot Off Procedure – Management will make every effort to conclude all shoot offs on the day of the event, this may include use of lights if necessary.

14.   Sashes/medallions may not be available on the day due to high workloads and back order of suppliers. If this occurs TCTA will arrange to have them posted out at no cost to the competitor.



Name ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………



Signature …………………………………………………………………………………………..                              Date      /    /

                                 (if under 18 please have a licenced supervisor sign on your behalf)

Travelling to/from via the Spirit of Tasmania

If you are travelling to / from Tasmania via the Spirit of Tasmania and would like to carry additional ammunition for the competition, you can ask the club/state secretary where the competition is being held for a support letter.  

This letter needs to state that you have nominated to attend their event including the dates and with official letter head and logo.  

Submit the supporting letter with your Firearm Exemption Declaration for a Registered Event to the Spirit of Tasmania, and then await confirmation to be able to carry additional ammunition.